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About Darford Dog Food

Darford is a wonderful client to work with at Spincaster Productions.

The Problem

Darford had an existing site which didn’t take the brand’s values or target market into account. The design was quite outdated, and the flow of the sitemap was difficult and confusing to use.

The Solution

After analyzing who the target market was, and narrowing down Darford’s key values, the Spincaster team got right to work. Another Spincaster designer and I both came up with different concepts, and presented both to the client to let them choose which suited the company best. We don’t do that very often at Spincaster, but it allowed both the best results in this particular situation. After my design was chosen, I had a great deal of fun with this project.

I designed this site with Darford’s female, dog-loving target market in mind. The use of custom illustrations and texture are what set this web site apart from their competitors. Having a ton of cute puppy pictures to work with didn’t hurt either! Darford implemented the Caster CMS, which allows them to update and manage both products and content, as well as make updates to the Calls to Action on key pages.

The Success

Darford’s website traffic increased by over 400% (holy smokes!) and their online presence took off. The website is now an essential part of the business, and supplies users with current information about Darford’s interactions with the dog rescue community.

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The checklist:
Designed with the target market in mind
Simple task flow
Caster Content Management System
Custom Illustrations and Graphic Design
Developed and hosted with Spincaster Productions
Increased site traffic by over 400%
Featured on the front page on Patter Tap
Nominated for the CSS Design Award
Nominated for the CSS Winner Award