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Fancy Pants Designs

Fancy Pants Designs is a fantastic line of clothing designed for little girls. The clothing is highly adjustable has a completely unique style that every girl will love! I sincerely love the Fancy Pants Designs brand, it’s high-quality makes the clothing built to last and the style cannot be beat.

The Problem

Designer Krista Marble had no way of showcasing or selling her products, and needed to do so in a way that attracted both little girls and their parents. Fancy Pants also needed print marketing material for trade shows, handing out to potential clients, the works. The brand also needed additional online presence aside from the website, including social media in order to build a stronger interaction between the brand and it’s community.

The Solution

After narrowing down the target market and what they were looking for, I designed a website that displayed the variety of products in an elegant and girly-girl way. The WordPress site allows the admin to add and update products easily, change content and organize customer feedback on the website. Since the brand had no existing online presence, I also set Fancy Pants Designs up with styled Facebook and Twitter pages.

Launch Project →

What they said
The website looks amazing…I’m super thrilled with it, and I really am so happy with the design!
– Krista Marble