How to Promote Your Website

Now that you have a new or updated website, the next task is to let people know it’s there. Understanding your audience is key to finding them and communicating information about your new resource. Once potential clients have come across your site, you not only want them to stay there but to keep coming back as well. Here are a few tips to building an audience and keeping users connected.

Update Content

Keeping content fresh and relevant can be achieved consistently through case studies and blog articles. These have the power to highlight the success and knowledge base of the business. Blog articles are also a great way to obtain feedback on related topics from readers.

Stay connected to your customers via social media

Gaining an audience can start off by letting family and friends connect to the business online, growing from there based on the quality of your activity. It’s important to use these social tools to provide customers and potential clients with information that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to obtain by going to your website. By giving them a reason to want to follow you on Facebook (such as discounts on products, helpful tips, etc), they will feel more intrigued to get involved and serves as a consistent reminder of the services you offer.

Get active in your business community

This is a great way to show that you’re an active leader in your industry. Attend industry events, and become involved on business forums. Old fashioned networking can have a huge impact on the quality of visitors that interact with your website. Other social media outlets such as LinkedIn can help potential clients connect with your business.

Annalise and improve

Improvement is an incredibly valuable quality for any business. Once you’ve been promoting your business for some time, take a look at the results generated by your efforts. Go through both your analytics and the feedback from the users of your website. Are more people reading your blog articles towards the end of the day, or are you getting more feedback on Facebook than Twitter? Take this information and build around it, making adjustments to increase traffic and long-term use of the site.

Promoting your website can start off slowly, but the more effort you put into making the website findable, it’s value becomes more recognized. If you consistently work on promoting the website, and keep the content on the site worth promoting, you should see a steady increase in site traffic and customer interaction.