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  • Real Estate HD Web Design
  • Real Estate HD Web Design
  • Real Estate HD Web Design

Real Estate HD

Real Estate HD combines high-definition photography with video, in order to help sell the finest homes in the Okanagan. Real Estate HD also supplies the listings for given homes for sale, supplying potential buyers with the information they need to enquire about buying a home.

The Problem

Real Estate HD had zero online presence, and needed a way to showcase both the beautiful photography and the listings themselves online. Doing so would allow the the client to showcase properties to connect potential buyers with the sellers, and provide a gateway to hire Real Estate HD. Because listing a home requires a lot of detailed information, the new website needed a means in which to add and display this information.

The Solution

Real Estate HD had some pretty unique requests in order to stand out from the other real estate listing websites. This unique design adds a lot of contrast to the incredible real estate photography created by Real Estate HD. The search filter also needed to be able to search everything from price range between both homes for sale and rent, to whether or not it had a pool! This WordPress site allows the admin to add a great deal of information about each listing, and provides users with a one-of-a-kind online experience.

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The checklist:
Custom Webdesign
Ability to add/edit listings
Property Search Filter
Custom WordPress CMS template