Should You Offer a Newsletter?

Newsletters can be a very effective way of keeping in touch with existing clients when used properly. However, they are a huge undertaking if you don’t already have full-time marketing agents on staff. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before going all gung-ho on creating a newsletter.

  • Do you have enough consistent ‘news-worthy’ things going on in your business? If you don’t have enough going on that’s worth reading, it may be best not to create a newsletter.
  • Who’s going to write it? Writing a newsletter requires a given block of time that you can take to write the newsletter, make sure that this is a realistic use of your time.
  • How often do you want to send out the newsletter? It may be more efficient to keep your top list of client’s emails on hand, and only send out important newsletters during major announcements (ie “We’re Moving”, “System Updates” and around the winter holidays). If you send out a newsletter every week, clients may just get used to seeing it in their inbox and tossing it before reading the content.
  • Do your clients have time to read the newsletter? Depending on who you plan to send this out to, will they likely have time to read what you have to say, or will it head directly to the junk folder?
  • What will your newsletter offer that a blog/social media won’t provide existing clients? Keeping an up-to-date blog may provide the exact same end results you’re looking for.

If you’re looking to interest in a custom email newsletter template, contact me to get started!