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Study Tourism in BC Webdesign

Study Tourism in BC is a client at Spincaster Productions, that was looking for a more effective means of offering potential tourism students with resources to guide them to BC to earn their education.

The Problem

Study Tourism in BC’s existing website wasn’t esthetically what their target market was looking for, and it’s outdated look gave off the impression that its content wasn’t current. Although the Study Tourism in BC team offered great resources and connections for potential students, most users didn’t bother taking the time to search the site and quickly lost interest.

The Solution

After researching the average user of the website and what they would like to see on the website, I designed a truely unique website that was inviting and encouraged users to keep returning to the site. Spincaster is in the process of developing a great login portion to the site that will allow users to quickly find their perfect post-secondary program, and find information on current events within the tourism industry.

The checklist:
Custom Webdesign
Ability to add/edit Programs & Schools
Caster CMS
Allows site admin to track and manage user activity