Volcanic Hills Winery Web Design

  • Volcanic Hills Winery Web Design
  • Volcanic Hills Winery Web Design
  • Volcanic Hills Winery Web Design

About Volcanic Hills Winery

Volcanic Hills Winery is one of our clients at Spincaster Productions, that was looking for a creative online presence that was consistent with the ‘Volcanic’ theme.

The Problem

Volcanic’s existing site acted as a temporary landing page, which was never updated from that point. The landing page did not provide much information for the users or potential customers, which meant that they were loosing out on potential sales.

The Solution

We worked directly with Volcanic’s print designer, who provided us with the materials necessary to get started. After a few revisions, I designed the concept that would become the new web site. I wanted to bring a new sense of interactivity, and really bring out the ‘Volcanic’ element of the brand. The new site not only allows users to request orders of the wine online, but looks good doing it too! Spincaster’s Caster CMS lets the site admin add and edit wine, along with page content. The initial design required quite a lot of custom photo editing to really push through the wine-volcano combo.

The Success

Now with the ability to process order requests online, Spincaster generated a completely new source of revenue for Volcanic Hills Winery. They can now showcase detailed information about their wine, and keep up to date with their awards list. Traffic to the site skyrocketed, and is a crucial marketing and sales tool.

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The checklist:
Custom Webdesign
Ability to add/edit Products
Caster CMS
Custom Photo Editing
Featured on the CSS Winner Awards
Nominee for the Best Web Design Award
Featured on the CSS Design Awards