What goes into making a website?

A website, depending on its functionality, can be a very complicated process. A website’s purpose will determine how I approach the project, but let’s break it down into the main sections.


Planning is certainly one of the most important steps within the web development process. Everything from the brand’s identity, design expectations, content and functionality need to be nailed down right off the bat. This is also when we determine how many pages need specific functionality, what that functionality needs to be, and how it’s going to work step-by-step. Once all of the planning is completed and agreed upon, we move onto design.


Creating a design that matches what your business is all about can make or break a web site. After the initial mock-ups are made, I work with the client to make any improvements necessary to the design to find the perfect web site.

CMS Install

After the designs have been approved, we begin to build the site into a CMS. With most content managament systems, we have the ability to give you complete control over the custom features of your website, along with being able to update the site’s content. Everything from managing products, team members, projects, user accounts, order history and more can be managed through your new content managament system.


The CMS and Development often go hand-in-hand. For websites that don’t need a CMS, or that don’t have any custom functionality, this is when we begin programming the site out to make the designs working material. This is often the most involved portion of the creation of your new web site, and is a great time for the client to be completing organizing content for the web site.

Implementing of Content

Once the site is ready to implement content, I work together with the client to make sure that the new content is appropriate for its users and purpose. A final document containing the edited content will then be added to the site with the appropriate content going into it’s rightful place on the site.

Final Quality Assurance and Approval

Making sure that the web site is exactly what the client envisioned is the responsibility of both myself and the client. This is when we ensure that everything is working properly across various platforms, and where any last-minute edits can be made.

Taking the Site Live

Taking a website live entails ensuring the all email accounts, databases, SSL Certificates (if required) are transferred to your new hosting correctly. After up to 24 hours for the website to propagate across the World Wide Web, the web site will officially be live!


A project is not completed once the site is live. Providing great customer service and support is an important part of what I provide for my clients. Once a site is live, we can also make design updates to any print material such as business cards, vehicle decals, etc to point your potential customers to the new web site!