Why you need to Update Your Web Browser Today!

If you’ve been ignoring the persistent pop-up windows from your web browser telling you that it’s time for an upgrade, listen up. Using older versions of any browser can bring up many issues with your web browsing adventures, including poor security, layouts and limitations on what you view. Perhaps it’s time you simply updated your current browser, or even upgrade to a new one!

The internet can be supplied to us through many different browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, and SeaMonkey. Each browser has their own list of advantages and disadvantage, but all are required to follow the web standards set by the W3C (or World Wide Web Consortium). Whenever a new wave of regulations is given by the W3C, all web browsers are required to adhere to those regulations by updating their system. In doing so, web browsers can provide users with a better internet browsing experience.

There are many great new features in the lovely world of web development such as CSS3, HTML5, SVG, faster loading and more fluid layouts. By updating or upgrading your web browser, you can guarantee yourself a much better web browsing experience. In example, someone using a prehistoric browser such as Internet Explorer 6 may be unable to view cool features on a web site, and experience longer loading time than that of a person using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. By not updating versions of your current browser, you could be missing out on a great user experience!

One of the biggest concerns that come with using an older version of internet browsers is the lack of security. When the W3C promotes new regulations, they are generally to help users participate in the World Wide Web as safely as possible. When you use an older version of your current browser, you are running the risk of experiencing serious security flaws that allow nasty websites to read and damage your files, steal your passwords, infect your computer with viruses … the list goes on. You may also run into pesky bugs and limitations when viewing websites that don’t support your web browser version.

So next time you receive a notification from your web browser asking whether or not you would like to upgrade to a newer version, don’t hesitate to say “yes please!”. A simple update or upgrade to your browser can allow you to reap the many benefits of safer, more secure browsing, along with great features of better interactive web exploring. The World Wide Web is evolving, so don’t miss out!