Why you shouldn’t get your friend to Build Your Website

* Disclaimer * This article is targeted for those who have friends/relatives who have no professional experience in the web design and development business. For the few of you are aquianted with educated professionals in the industry, this article is not for you.

One of the many lovely benefits of a growing world online is that education for building the web itself is trickling its way into the public education system. Many larger schools offer introductory courses to HTML and CSS, giving most students a better appreciating for the online experiences web professionals have made available to them. However, these introductory courses do not make these individuals professionals.

Short-term Solutions Cost more in the long run

Although you may consider hiring a younger, less-educated web designer in order to save a couple bucks, you will likely find the final product to be a bit off from what you had originally expected. Of course everyone has to start somewhere, but bear in mind the long-term consequences of this alternative. Even as a freelancer, it’s not uncommon for clients to approach me after being disappointed from hiring a less-experienced individual or using ‘do-it-yourself’ online tools. This often costs more than doing the site correctly the first time, making the first version a waste of time and money.

Professionals have the Resources to Guide you to Success

The benefits of hiring a professional firm or freelancer are astronomical compared to ‘do-it-yourself’ templates and inexperienced developers. The primary factor for hiring a professional is because your brand and time are too valuable to do otherwise. Professional freelancers and firms offer our clients with wonderful resources, including a professional team, each individual dedicated to a different step in the complicated process of building a successful online presence for your business. Hiring a firm also accompanies benefits such as Search Engine Optimization, cross-browser compatibility, fantastic design that empowers your business, a customized Content Management System, not to mention great support when you need it (Yes, you actually get to talk to a human!). Perhaps the biggest difference between ‘do-it-yourself’ alternatives and professionals is that we provide you with a plan. This may not seem like much, but understanding exactly what you want and how it can be done is mandatory when creating success online. The planning process also prepares us for future roadblocks, and often brings up various elements you may not have thought of before.

Even if you think hiring a company or freelancer is out of your budget, there is no law stating that you have to get the entire process done all in one go. Many businesses start off with just the necessities for their website, and build on a wish list as they go, saving them the headache of trying to figure out how to take on everything on their own. If you’re looking to do things right the first time, give me a shout and be prepared to be amazed.